Academic Studies

After a year spent in Holland tattooing I came back to Rome in 2011 and began my studies in the Rome Accademy of Arts.

My scuplture research and interest began by contrast, in 2015 when I went to New York for the first time where I met important fine art masters.

Few months later on in Rome I took private studies to learn how to improve my skills into professional art maker.

Since then I developed to sculpt from a living model, molding, and the ancient technique of Lost Wax to transform my clay sculptures into Bronze.

The result befits the classical portraiture inspired by miths and contemporaneity emerges in architecture and organic insertions in my works.

Hard Work

Many people assume that I must be talented because my passion became my job. I always tell them that is not about talent: it’s about determination, years of studying, and hard work.

Hard Work

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